Everything you need to know about Celery seeds

Growing Celery Seeds Questions & Answers

Growing celery questions

How long does it take to grow celery?
Celery takes a while to grow from seed, typically 3-4 months or 100-140 days. Celery Tango variety takes approximately 115 days to grow from seed.

Do you need to tie up celery?
Tying up celery stalks is not strictly necessary for its growth, but it can be a helpful method to encourage blanching, which is the process of excluding light from the developing celery heart. This results in lighter-colored, more tender stalks.

Does celery need a lot of room to grow?
For most celery varieties, aim for a spacing of 45-60 centimeters between plants in each row. You should also maintain a similar spacing of 45-60 centimeters between rows. This allows for adequate sunlight penetration, air circulation, and space for the plants to grow without crowding.

Is celery easy to grow?
Celery has a reputation for being a bit fussy. It needs more specific growing conditions and attention to detail in comparison to other vegetables. Consistent moisture throughout the growing cycle is a must, as well as cool weather conditions. Also, its long growing season (up to 140 days) requires some patience and planning.

Can celery be grown in pots?
Absolutely! Celery can be grown in pots, making it a great option for gardeners with limited space or those who prefer container gardening. Choose a container at least 30cm deep and wide with good drainage holes.

How do I know when celery is ready to harvest?
Aim for bright white stalks that are tightly packed together, firm and have a diameter of around 15-20 centimeters. The outer leaves should still be green and fresh.

Are coffee grounds good for celery?
When composted properly, coffee grounds can improve soil structure and drainage and provide essential nutrients for plant growth, which is beneficial for celery. Use sparingly and monitor soil acidity.

Can you eat celery leaves?
Absolutely, you can eat celery leaves! They have a more concentrated celery flavour compared to the stalks and can be used as a versatile herb incorporated into various dishes.

What does celery not like to be planted by?
void planting celery next to root vegetables like carrots, potatoes, and parsnips. These plants have deep root systems that can compete with celery for water, nutrients, and space in the soil. 

Do you cut or pull celery?
Cutting with a sharp knife at the base of the stalk will minimize damage to the remaining stalks, leaving them to mature further.

Why is my celery bitter?
Celery can turn bitter for a few reasons, all related to stressful growing conditions; lack of water, heat stress or soil nutrient deficiency, particularly nitrogen. Other possibilities are if the celery stalks are harvested too early or if the plant bolts.

Should I soak celery seeds before planting?
While soaking is beneficial and can improve germination rates, it's not strictly necessary for celery seeds to germinate. The soaking process does give the seeds a head start by encouraging some initial internal activity within the seed. Soak for no more than 24-48 hours in clean, lukewarm water.

Does celery need dark to germinate?
No. Celery seeds benefit from exposure to light during germination so don't bury them too deeply, just gently press them into the soil.

Does celery need a lot of sun to grow?
Celery is considered a full-sun vegetable, ideally requiring at least 6 hours of direct sunlight each day.







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