Organic Celery Tango

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  • Vigorous and reliable, easy to grow variety
  • Tasty flavour, tender stalks with lots of crunch
  • 25 seeds per pack
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Organic Celery Tango
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Highly vigorous and productive variety, very tolerant of less-than-ideal conditions and boasting excellent disease resistance.

Celery Tango produces white to light green thick stalks that are tender yet have lots of crunch and great flavour. It can be grown throughout the entire season.

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Growing Celery from Seeds

Start indoors 10 weeks before last frost. Scatter seeds and lightly cover with soil (light is very important for germination). Maintain a soil temperature of 21 degrees C during germination and keep moist. When seedlings are about 2-3cm tall, transplant to individual pots. Transplant after all risk of frost, spacing about 25cm.

Celery requires full sun and grows best in rich soil. Plants have a shallow root system so mulch well and water during dry spells.

Stalks on the outside of the plant can be harvested anytime. For best flavour and longer storage, water plants the day before harvesting.

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Fast Facts

Article number:
Botanical Name:
Apium graveolens
Common Name:
Celery Tango F1
Days to germinate:
7-14 days
Days to maturity:
Up to 115 days
Hardiness and Longevity:
Up to 50cm
Full Sun

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