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Carefree Poppies!

California Poppy Varieties

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Organic BIO Parsley Italian Giant

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Flower seeds

Fontana Seeds stocks a vast array of flower seeds to fill your borders and containers with colour and scent. There are seeds that will produce flowers to attract bees and butterflies, seeds for houseplants and those ideal for children to get busy in the garden.

What does germination rate mean?

The Importance of High Quality Seed

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Easiest flowers to grow from Seed?

What flower seeds should be on your to grow list this year by Andrew Oldham

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Wildflower seeds

We ship our quality seeds everywhere in the European Union. We ship from the island of Cyprus with regular mail. It usually takes no longer than 4-10 business days to receive your seed order. We ship our hand packed seeds year-round!

Organic BIO Curly Kale

Grow your own kale from Seed!

€3.90 per pack

Organic BIO Aubergines

One of the most traditional eggplant varieties of classic Italian cooking.

Aubergine VIoletta Lunga

20+ Organic BIO Vegetables

From broccoli to french beans to onions and more, grow all your favorites from seed

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Whats New?

New Fontana Seed Varieties – 2024

Fontana Seeds' new seed varieties deliver just what’s required to continue to inspire our customers, with new additions throughout flower, vegetable and fruit.

Additions to the flower range include a wonderful selection of uplifting and long-lasting blooms. as well as varieties perfect for growing in small spaces – so everyone can enjoy growing from seed regardless of the size of their outdoor space.

Most popular kitchen herb varieties from Fontana Seeds

Always have fresh herbs on hand! Discover the top kitchen herbs that thrive indoors on the windowsill and elevate your cooking game

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Fontana Seeds

Fontana Seeds is proud to be a Certified Organic Supplier. We are strongly committed to supporting organic farming and producing high-quality food while being a good steward of the environment.

Our Organic Certification

Must-try Tomato Varieties

TomAYto, tomAHto…just as there are different pronunciations, there is also a wide variety of tomatoes..

8 Must-try Types of Tomatoes

Survive a summer drought

Conserving water and how to water effectively

which plants need water the most?

grow your own spooky

Halloween Pumpkins

Jack O'Lantern Seeds

We added to the family

New seed varieties are here!

New Seeds for 2024

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