Black-eyed Susan Vines

Black-eyed Susan Vines (also known as Thunbergia alata) are fast-growing, trailing or twining, heavy blooming annual vines with triangular leaves. Flowers are tubular, 2.5-5cm (1-2 in.) across and are marked with a contrasting dark eye. Vines bloom from from summer until frost.

Whether planted in the ground or containers, trellises and strings are frequently used to train Black-eyed Susan Vines. Plants can also be used as highly ornamental seasonal ground covers. For an informal look allow Black-eyed Susan Vines to ramble and scramble over garden walls and shrubs. Enjoy their riotous color close up, when you plant the vines in hanging baskets. Fontana Seeds ships Thunbergia seeds everywhere in Europe and the UK.
Black-eyed Susan Vines

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