Organic Coriander

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  • Also known as cilantro
  • Grow coriander for its leaves and for its seeds
  • Harvest seeds after they start to brown
  • 100 seeds per pack
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Organic Coriander
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Coriander, also known as cilantro, is a common kitchen spice used in cultures throughout the world. Plants are grown for their leaves which are tart and refreshing and for their seeds which lend a nutty warmth to dishes.

How to grow coriander from seeds

Sow seed indoors in a greenhouse or on a warm windowsill, and don't move plants outside until summer. Or, plant outside when temperatures are 18 C or warmer.

Coriander likes a light, well-draining soil with some well-composted material. Cover seed lightly with fine soil and keep moist during germination. When the seedlings are about 5cm tall, thin and set plants outside when it is warm and after all danger of frost.

Harvest coriander seeds when the start to turn brown (usually around September).

Fast Facts

Article number:
Botanical Name:
Coriandrum sativum
Common Name:
Days to germinate:
7-21 days
Days to maturity:
Approximately 60-90 days
Hardiness and Longevity:
Up To 60cm
Ideal For:
Kitchen Garden, Cottage Gardens and Wildlife Gardens
Up To 30cm
Full sun

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