Organic Climbing French Bean Cobra

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  • Reliable, quick-growing variety
  • Produces a huge amount of very tasty beans
  • 50 seeds per pack
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Organic Climbing French Bean Cobra
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Climbing French Bean 'Cobra' is an attractive pole bean with light green pods. Cobra is known to be one of the most reliable and quick-growing French climbing beans. Its plants grow very tall and produce a huge amount of green, stringless pods that taste amazing. French bean Cobra also produces numerous pale violet flowers, making it pretty enough to grow in the ornamental garden. Suitable for both greenhouses and outdoors.

All our bio vegetable seeds are Non-GMO and EU Certified Organic. Buy your Organic French Bean Seeds with Fontana Seeds for delivery anywhere in Europe.

Growing French Beans from Seeds

Sow three seeds to a 15cm pot in mid-April and keep warm and well watered until germination.

Once all threat of frost has passed harden off gradually before planting out. Protect young plants from slugs and support with trellis (the vines grow to about 180cm).

Pick young for best flavour and keep picking for a long, continuous harvest (if beans are left on the plant to mature it will stop producing new ones).

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Fast Facts

Article number:
Botanical Name:
Phaseolus vulgaris
Common Name:
Chard Fireworks or Swiss Chard Five Colors
Days to germinate:
7-14 days
Days to maturity:
Approx 60 days
Hardiness and Longevity:
Up to 250cm
Full Sun

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