About Fontana Seeds

About Fontana Seeds

Fontana Seeds is a family-owned and family-operated business that has been selling flower seeds and bulbs since 2 generations. We are located on the sunny island of Cyprus!

For nearly 55 years, two generations of our family have been building on their skills and experience culminating in us becoming one of the leading suppliers of seeds for home gardeners in Europe. What sets us apart is the exceptional quality of our seeds. When you buy seeds from Fontana Seeds, be assured that you will be receiving the same high-quality seeds that professional
growers use. Professional growers know the difference and will not entertain any other type of seed - so why should you.

We take pride in our methodical approach and attention to detail. In fact, you may be surprised to know that our traditional seed packets are hand filled. We do not use automated machines in the filling process, preferring to take our time carefully filling each seed packet by hand and making sure every packet contains the advertised quantity of seeds.  

Our Promise
The vast majority of our seeds are harvested from open pollinated plants, originating from professional growers all over the world. Fontana Seeds promises to never knowingly offer Genetically Modified seeds.

Our facility guarantees that the seeds we sell are fresh and viable to a percentage of at least 80%. Our seed stock is always stored in a temperature-controlled environment that is free from heavy levels of moisture and has little to no exposure to sunlight. This way we ensure the seeds we ship to you are at the highest germination rate possible.

We offer

  • An outstanding selection with many exclusives
  • Finest quality seeds, packed with care
  • Great personal service
  • Fast turnaround on your seed order

    Please be advised, that Fontana Seeds gives no warranty, express or implied, as to description, productiveness or any other matter of any seeds or bulbs it sells and will not be responsible for the crop.

Our website
We provide a convenient shopping experience to all our customers through our online catalogue. You may have noticed that we do not have a print version of our catalogue, a decision we reached through careful consideration. We understand that for many the experience of browsing a paper catalogue and bending the corner of pages you like and want to revisit is part of the pleasure, however in order to fulfil our environmentally conscious pledge we have moved all our sales online.

Our website not only guarantees a secure checkout process, but also positively affects our productivity as well as reduces our costs, thereby allowing us to offer our professional seeds at affordable prices.

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