Organic Kale Nero Di Toscana

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  • Also known as dinosaur kale or lacinated kale
  • Heirloom Italian variety
  • 100 seeds per pack 
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Organic Kale Nero Di Toscana
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Kale Nero Di Toscana is also known as Dinosaur or Lacinato Kale. This loose-leafed cabbage has beautiful, deep black-green leaves that can be up to 60cm long.
A classic Italian heirloom variety is popular for making fabulous soups and stews, lacinato kale can have up to three times the recommended daily vitamin A, minerals,
calcium, and vitamin C, as well as lots of fiber and protein.

How to grow Kale from seeds

When to Plant:
Kale can be planted at any time, from early spring to early summer. Be mindful, as hot weather makes kale bitter. If planted late in the summer, you can harvest it from fall until the ground freezes.

How to Grow:
Plant in an area with well-drained, loamy soil.
If planting in cool season, select an area that will get full sun. Choose partial shade if growing in the warm season.

Water the plants regularly, but take care not to over water.
Mulch the soil heavily after first freeze. Plants can produce leaves throughout the winter.

Fast Facts

Article number:
Botanical name:
Brassica oleracea
Days to maturity:
60 Days
Life cycle:
Light requirement:
Full Sun
Size at maturity:

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