Pansies are one of the gardening worlds most recognised plants and you can find them in most gardens. Pansy flowers come in so many colours and choices. Flowers can be present all through the winter and are in full flow in spring. Pansies can't be beat for bringing cool season color to flower beds and pots. Start indoors in winter for planting out in earliest spring. In zones 6 and above pansy seeds can be started in summer, planted out in fall. 

English common names, such as "pansy", "viola" and "violet" may be used interchangeably. Fun fact: All Pansies are Violas but not all Violas are Pansies.  If the flower has four petals pointing upward and only one pointing downward – you’re looking at a Pansy. If the flower has two petals pointing upward and three petals pointing downward – you are looking at a Viola.

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