Organic Cauliflower Flora Blanca

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  • Pure white, compact and large heads
  • Early variety well-suited for autumn harvesting
  • 50 seeds per pack
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Organic Cauliflower Flora Blanca
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Cauliflower Flora Blanca is a reliable old Dutch variety. It is one of the few varieties that produces a true white head.

Flora Blanca is an early cauliflower variety that is most suited for autumn cultivation. This variety can survive winters if protected from strong frost by being covered with leaves.

Interesting fact; cauliflower derives its name from cavolfiore meaning cabbage flower.

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Growing Cauliflower from Seeds

Sow directly in the field from April to June for transplanting outside after 30 days of growing.

Harvest from September to December. This variety can withstand winters provided it is given some protection.

Cauliflower Flora Blanca likes fertile soil, so feed well.

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Fast Facts

Article number:
Botanical Name:
Brassica oleracea
Common Name:
Cauliflower Flora Blanca
Days to germinate:
7-14 days
Hardiness and Longevity:
Up to 60cm
Full Sun

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