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Growing Carrot Seeds Questions & Answers

Carrot seed questions

How long does it take to grow a carrot from a seed?
Carrots typically take  60 to 90 days to reach maturity from the time the seeds are planted.

How many carrots can you get from one seed?
A single carrot seed will only produce one carrot plant. Carrots are not prolific seeders, meaning they don't produce multiple carrots from a single seed.


What is the best month to plant carrots?
Aim to plant your carrot seeds 2-4 weeks before the last frost in your area. This ensures the soil temperature is cool enough for good germination and avoids the harsh summer heat. In most climates this is in March.

Do you soak carrot seeds before planting?
Soaking carrot seeds can result in faster germination and improved seed to soil contact (soaking makes the seed sticky), and can be helpful if your soil is cool. But it can also increase the risk of rotting (soak for no longer than 24hrs and in cool water) and isn't strictly necessary.

Are carrots easy to grow?
Carrots are considered easy to grow because of their relatively short growing season and minimal need for maintenance. Remember that carrots prefer loose, well-drained soil and that thinning is crucial for proper root development.

How often do you water carrots?
Newly planted carrot seeds need consistent moisture to germinate (keep soil damp but not soggy). Established plants need less water. Aim for the soil to be evenly moist but not saturated. In hot weather, watering perhaps every 1-2 days is needed and in cooler or more humid conditions, watering every 3-4 days might be sufficient. Don't water on a strict schedule. Instead, check the moisture level of the soil by sticking your finger a couple of inches down. Water only when the top inch or two of soil feels dry to the touch.

Do carrots like sun or shade when planting?
Carrots prefer full sun for optimal growth. Yes, carrots can tolerate some shade, but their growth and quality might be affected.

Can you replant a carrot after pulling it?
No, you cannot replant a carrot after pulling it from the ground to expect another carrot to grow.

Do you cover carrot seeds with soil?
Yes, you do need to cover carrot seeds with a thin layer of soil after planting them. 

Do carrots need darkness to germinate?
No, carrot seeds do not need darkness to germinate. In fact, some light exposure can actually be beneficial for carrot seed germination. What they do need is moisture, warmth and good seed to soil contact.

Do carrots need a lot of room to grow?
Carrots do not require a lot of room to grow compared to many other vegetables, but they do need sufficient space for their roots to develop properly.  Aim for spacing of about 5 to 10 centimeters between individual plants in rows.

Are coffee grounds good for carrots?
Yes, coffee grounds can be beneficial for carrots by slow-releasing nitrogen, improving soil drainage and deterring pests. Make sure your soil is not already acidic and if possible, compost the coffee grounds before adding.

How do I make my carrots grow bigger?
You can help your carrots grow to their size potential by providing them with optimal growing conditions. Plant at the right temperature in well drained soil, sow thinly in rows, thin to 5-10cm between plants, keep moisture consistent.

What do carrots not like to be planted next to?
Carrots don't like to be planted next to other root vegetables that compete for water, nutrients and space, or celery, dill, fennel and parsley as they attract the same pests and diseases. Fast-growing vegetables like cucumbers, squash and corn are also not a good idea s they can grow large and shade the carrots.

How do you know when to pull carrots?
Days to harvest for the variety is a good starting point. After this, check the 'shoulder' size. It should feel firm and solid not soft or spongy. Also check the top part of the root, and the height and appearance of the foliage. It should feel firm and solid not soft or spongy. The tops should be vibrant and healthy but not excessively tall and leafy.

What happens if you don't thin carrots?
If you don't thin your carrots, they will compete with eachother for water, nutrients and sunlight resulting in stunted, misshapen roots, meaning smaller carrots, reduced yield and compromised flavor.

Can you leave carrots in the ground for a year?
While carrots can survive winter in the ground, it's not recommended for the purpose of extended harvest. For tastier and higher quality carrots, it's best to harvest them in fall and store them properly.

How many carrot seeds do you plant per hole?
Carrot seeds are typically sown in rows (not holes) or scattered over a planting area, and then the seedlings are thinned once they have germinated and grown to a manageable size.

What happens if you leave carrots in the ground too long?
Overmatured carrots can become tough, woody and fibrous with a bland or bitter flavor and the vitamins and minerals can start to break down.



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