Everything you need to know about Cauliflower seeds

Growing Cauliflower Seeds Questions & Answers

Cauliflower growing questions

How long does it take cauliflower to grow?
Cauliflower seeds germinate within 5-10 days and heads are ready for harvest approx 2-3 months (80-100 days) after planting, depending on the variety. 

How much cauliflower do you get per plant?
Cauliflowers grow one head per plant of with a wide range of approx size 15-30cm in diameter (0.5-1kg in yield) depending on the variety.

Can you grow cauliflower in pots?
Cauliflower can absolutely be grown in pots as it does not need to form an extensively deep root systte. Select a container at least 30cm wide and 20-30cm deep with at least one good drainage hole and choose a high-quality, well-draining soil.

How do I know when my cauliflower is ready to harvest?
Check the size of the head (15-20cm in diameter), the firmness (it should feel solid and compact), should be a bright white color and florets should be tightly packed.

Will cauliflower grow back if you cut it?
No. The plant will not grow another full-sized cauliflower head after you harvest the main one.

How big of a container do I need for cauliflower?
Choose a container that is at least 30cm in diameter and 20-30cm deep. Just make sure it has drainage holes.

Can you eat cauliflower leaves?
Yes! Cauliflower leaves can be sauteed similar to spinach, stir-fried, or added to soups, stews or salads.

What is the best fertilizer for cauliflower?
Organic fertilizers are always a good option: compost, aged manure, fish emulsion (avoid using it too close to harvest) or blood meal (use sparingly as it can lead to excessive leafy growth at the expense of head formation). Ideally, conduct a soil test before planting to determine your soil's nutrient levels.

How long can cauliflower stay on the plant?
Harvest as soon as the cauliflower reaches its mature size, feels solid and compact and is white in color. Leaving cauliflower heads on the plant past maturity might lead to tough, fibrous florets or bolting, and a general decline in quality and flavor.

Why is my cauliflower growing but no head?
Possibly the plant is under stressful conditions such as too much heat (they like temps  around 15-18°C), too much nitrogen, insufficient water, or overcrowding with other plants.

Can cauliflower be grown in shade?
Cauliflower will tolerate partial shade, but it won't thrive. For optimal growth and head formation, cauliflower prefers at least 6 hours of direct sunlight per day.

How deep should cauliflower soil be?
The depth of the soil itself isn't a crucial factor for growing cauliflower, as it has a relatively shallow root system. Aim for a minimum of 20-30 centimeters.

How much room do you need between cauliflower plants?

Should you tie up cauliflower leaves?
For most cauliflower varieties, including 'Flora Blanca,' aim for a spacing of 45-60 centimeters.

How do you keep cauliflower white when growing?
Keeping your cauliflower head white and preventing it from yellowing is all about protecting it from sunlight exposure during the final stages of growth. 
Gently gather the outer leaves together and tie them loosely at the top above the curd. The leaves should form a protective shade over the head.

Can you eat bolting cauliflower?
Technically yes. Bolted cauliflower is not poisonous and won't make you sick. However, the taste and texture of bolted cauliflower will be significantly different (more bitter and tougher) from a mature head.




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