Everything you need to know about French Bean seeds

Growing French Bean Seeds Questions & Answers

Do you soak French Bean seeds?
Soaking Dwarf French Bean seeds before planting is generally not required, and they germinate well without it. However, soaking can help soften the seed coat, which may lead to slightly faster and more even germination. Its up to you but if you do soak, do so for no more than 24 hours.

How long do French beans take to grow?
Dwarf French Beans, including varieties like 'Cobra' and 'Compass', are relatively fast-growing vegetables. You can expect to harvest them 50-75 days after planting.

How much do French beans yield per plant?
The yield of French beans per plant can vary depending on variety and growing conditions but a general estimate is about 15-25 beans per plant.

Are French beans easy to grow?
Yes, French beans are generally considered easy to grow. They are fast growers, thrive with basic care, and are adaptable to varying soil and light conditions and are not particularly prone to pests and disease.

Can you grow French beans in pots?
Dwarf French beans, like 'Cobra', are well-suited for container gardening since they have a shallow root system. Choose a pot that is at least 30cm deep and wide with drainage holes.

Do French green beans need a trellis?
While dwarf french beans don't necessarily need a trellis (although it can help with air circulation), climbing french beans absolutely need some form of support structure.

Can you use tomato feed on French beans?
You can use tomato feed on French beans, but it's not necessarily the most ideal solution due to the potentially high nitrogen content. French beans benefit more from a fertilizer with a higher ratio of phosphorus and potassium.

Do French beans need a lot of water?
French beans, both dwarf and climbing varieties, are considered thirsty plants and require regular watering throughout the growing season, especially once they start flowering and forming pods.

What season do French beans grow?
French beans, both dwarf and climbing varieties, are warm-season vegetables and prefer warmer temperatures. In regions with moderate climates that experience distinct seasons, French beans are best planted in late spring to early summer. In areas with mild winters where frost is infrequent, you might even be able to plant French beans in fall.

Are French beans Hardy?
No, French beans, both dwarf and climbing varieties, are not hardy and are especially sensitive to frost and cold temperatures.

How many times can you harvest French beans?
You can expect to harvest French beans every 2 to 3 days over a period of several weeks. Regularly picking pods encourages the plant to keep flowering and producing.

Are coffee grounds good for French beans?
While coffee grounds offer some nitrogen, too much can stunt growth. It's best to compost them first to break down the acidity.

Should I pinch out climbing French beans?
Yes! Once they reach the top of their support structure, pinching the growing tip encourages them to grow bushier lower down. This leads to more flowering points and ultimately, a greater bean yield.

What is the difference between French beans and runner beans?
French beans are typically dwarf or bush varieties, faster growing, and produce slender pods best picked young. Runner beans are climbers, take longer to mature, have flat wide pods, and can be picked over a longer period.

Why are my garden green beans tough?
Tough green beans can be caused by a few things. The most likely culprit is letting the pods get too mature. Aim to pick them when they're young and slender, with underdeveloped seeds inside. Alternatively, hot weather during pod formation can make them tough, so consistent watering might help for future harvests.



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