How to grow Calendula Seeds


Calendula seeds can be started indoors in containers about 4-6 weeks before the last spring frost, maintaining temperatures between 55-65°F. Alternatively, they can be directly sown outdoors in early to mid-spring, just before the last frost, and again in midsummer for fall blooms, with an option for mild winter regions to sow in early autumn.

Germination typically occurs within 7-14 days, with blooms lasting from spring until frost. Calendula thrives in medium to full sun but can tolerate full sun in cooler summers with ample watering.

Harvesting is best done when flowers have fully opened, after approximately 12-14 weeks from seed to bloom. These versatile plants grow well in regular to rich, well-drained soil and are perfect for beds, border edging, and patio containers. They require moderate watering, about 2.5cm per week, and display moderate tolerance to dry soils once established.

Calendula prefers slightly acidic to neutral soil pH and benefits from compost or organic flower fertilizer. While they may be susceptible to powdery mildew, prevent this with good air circulation and any detected mildew can be treated with organic fungicide. Protect young seedlings from snails and slugs by treating the surrounding soil with iron phosphate pellets.


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