How to grow California Poppy Seeds

California Poppy Seed Growing Tips

Ensure the soil has adequate drainage. For clay-heavy soils, incorporate sand or loam to improve drainage.

Scatter seeds generously across the prepared area.
Cover the seeds lightly with soil and maintain consistent moisture until seedlings emerge.

Planting Timing:
In cooler climates, sow seeds directly outdoors in early May. Alternatively, start seeds indoors for later transplanting. For warmer climates, plant seeds in the fall for blooms the following spring.

Established plants require moderate watering, approximately one to two times per week. Avoid overwatering. Apply fertilizer sparingly only when necessary, as excessive fertilization can harm the plants.

Harvest flower buds before they fully open to extend the blooming period.

Additional Notes:
California poppies are heat-tolerant annuals, although technically perennials they are often grown as annuals due to their rapid growth cycle.
They readily self-seed, making them suitable for low-maintenance areas. These plants attract various wildlife, including birds, butterflies, and bees.

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