How to grow Hollyhock Seeds

How to grow Hollyhock Seeds

Plant hollyhock seeds either in early spring after the danger of frost has passed, or in late summer for blooms the following year.

Preparing the Soil: Loosen soil to a depth of 15-20cm, removing weeds and other debris.

Sowing Seeds: Scatter seeds over the soil surface or lightly press into soil, avoiding burying them too deep.

Watering: Keep soil moist but not waterlogged during germination (7-21 days, depending on variety).

Sunlight and Temperature: Hollyhocks prefer full sun to partial shade and moderate temperatures.

Mulching: Mulching can be useful to help the hollyhock plants to retain moisture and warmth and also suppresses weed growth.

Support: As tall plants, its recommended to install stakes or plant supports to prevent plants from toppling over.

Maintenance: Keep soil consistently moist and monitor for pests and diseases. You can fertilize lightly during the growing season but it is not absolutely necessary.

Deadheading: Remove spent blooms regularly to prolong blooming and encourage new flower growth.

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