How to grow Orlaya Grandiflora Seeds

Sunlight and Shade: Orlaya, also known as White Lace Flower, thrives in full sun exposure, preferably facing south.

Soil Type and pH: Orlaya is not overly particular about soil type or pH levels, but it thrives in nutrient-rich soil with good drainage. Sandy, chalky, or loamy soil with a pH ranging from slightly acidic to slightly alkaline is suitable.

Planting Depth: Sow Orlaya seeds into pots that are at least 20cm deep and lant the seeds about 0.5cm deep in the soil, allowing 30cm of space between each plant.

Sowing Time: There are two options for sowing Orlaya seeds. You can sow in autumn for stronger plants and earlier blooms the following year, or sow in spring and enjoy blooms until the first frost. Some gardeners do both for continuous flowering.

Winter Protection: In colder areas, bring containers indoors or into a greenhouse during winter to protect Orlaya plants from frost. However, in warmer climates, they can survive the winter without protection.

Transplanting Seedlings: Come spring, harden off the seedlings by gradually exposing them to outdoor conditions. Then, plant them outdoors, ensuring they are placed about 1cm deep in the soil and spaced 30cm apart.

Self-Seeding or Seed Collection: Allow Orlaya plants to self-seed, or collect seeds after flowering to sow them fresh the following year, ensuring a continuous supply of beautiful blooms.

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