How to grow Pansy Seeds

When to sow: Start by choosing the right time for seed sowing. For autumn planting to bloom in spring, seeds can be sown from May to early July. If you wish to grow them for summer flowering, sow the seeds in March and treat them like summer bedding plants.

How to sow: Sow the seeds in trays in well-draining soil and cover them with vermiculite. Place the seeded trays in an environment with a temperature of 15-18°C for germination. Avoid high temperatures and fluctuating moisture levels to prevent failure.

Transplanting: Once the seedlings are large enough to handle, prick them out into trays or 7cm square pots using a similar compost. Allow the plants to grow on in a frame until September when they'll be ready for planting.

Containers and hanging baskets: For planting in containers and hanging baskets, early spring planting is often more successful. Sow seeds in August or September, prick them out into 9cm pots, and overwinter them in a cold frame before planting up in early March. Cover them only in severe weather.

Monitor for pests and diseases. Aphids are common, and regular spraying with suitable insecticide can help. Slugs may also be a problem in wet seasons, and watch out for leaf spot.

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