Marigold Burning Embers

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Marigold Burning Embers
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Grow a garden filled with Marigold Burning Embers from freshly harvested Marigold seeds. Beautiful bright red-maroon flower petals with lighter edges produced on blue-green ferny foliage. Ideal for cut flowers for the home or in arrangements. Plants have a long flowering period.

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How to grow Marigold from Seeds

Marigolds are incredibly easy-going and reliable under a wide range of growing conditions. Once planted, marigolds grow rapidly with no fuss. Most thrive in full sun, taking hot, sunny exposures in stride. Marigolds can even handle the reflected heat and light of paved surfaces as long as they get regular moisture. However, marigolds will tolerate up to 20% shade if there is bright light the rest of the day.

Germination Instructions
Sow indoors. Surface sow onto seed compost which is moist but well-drained. Only just cover with soil. Propagate at 21-24°C or put in a warm place. Light is required for germination. Germination takes 0-7 days. Transplant seedlings when large enough to handle. Acclimatise and plant out once danger of frost has passed. Space at 20-25cm. Can be sown directly from May with 25cm spacing, keep moist until germinated.

Growing Instructions
Easy to grow in any well-drained garden soil in full sun. Do not feed.

Marigolds are not at all fussy about soil, accepting poor to average soil without complaint as long as it is not constantly soggy. In fact, marigolds bloom better and more often in poorer soil. Too rich a diet stimulates lush foliage growth at the expense of flowers.

Cultivation Instructions
Cut flowers regularly to encourage growth and to prolong flowering window or deadhead.

When to sow:
Sow under cover or indoors: February, March, April
Direct Sow/Plant outdoors: May and June
Flowers/Harvest: June - October

Marigold Harvesting Tips
Marigold flowers: Marigolds make excellent cut flowers for both live and dried arrangements. For live bouquets, cut newly opened blooms early in the morning and immediately set the stems in a jar of warm water. Later, strip the stems of lower leaves that might foul the water and arrange the flowers in a vase with fresh water. Marigolds will last up to a week or even longer if you add some floral preservative to the vase water.

Marigolds are also great for dried arrangements and floral crafts. Cut perfect blossoms at their peak, remove foliage from the stems and hang upside down in a warm, dry place until dry. The flowers will shrink a bit, but their color will remain strong. Insert wire into the marigold stems if needed for support in an arrangement.

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Fast Facts

Article number:
Botanical Name:
Tagetes Patula
Common Name:
Pot marigold, marygold, poet's marigold, Scotch marigold, Scottish marigold
Days to germinate:
0-7 days
Days to maturity:
8 weeks from seeds to bloom
Flowering time:
Hardiness and Longevity:
Half Hardy Annual
Up To 60-70cm
Ideal For:
Patio, Wildlife Gardens and a perfect low-growing container plant or vegetable bed border-guard
Up 20-25cm
Full sun

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