Pansy Inspire Plus Marina

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  • Viola x wittrockiana
  • Large light blue flowers with violet centers
  • Produces masses of flowers
  • 25 seeds per pack
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Pansy Inspire Plus Marina
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Viola Wittrockiana Inspire Plus Marina is known for its  large, light blue flowers with a deep violet center surrounded by a white halo. It's a uniform re-blooming perennial with tight branches and green leaves. This pansy blooms early and reblooms twice more from fall into spring, and can be deadheaded to prolong blooms. It prefers full sun and moist conditions. It features a bushy, compact habit (15-20 cm tall) that's covered in blooms throughout the cool season. Enjoy blooms from early spring to late spring, and even into summer in cooler climates. Viola Wittrockiana Inspire Plus White is a low-maintenance choice, excellent for beginner gardeners and perfect for planting in beds, borders, containers, or window boxes.

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How to grow Pansies from Seeds

Pansies are not difficult to raise from seed. For autumn planting to flower in spring, seed can be sown at any time from May to early July. A soil-less compost is suitable but should have extra perlite added if you suspect the drainage may be poor. Cover thinly with vermiculite and place in a temperature of 59-65F to germinate. High temperatures and fluctuating moisture levels are the most likely causes of failure.

Prick out the viola seedlings when they are large enough to handle using a similar compost. They can either go into trays or use 7cm square pots. The plants can grow on in a frame until the September when they will be ready for planting. For containers and for hanging baskets in particular, planting in early spring is often more successful. In this case a later sowing is suitable, August or September, and the seedlings should be pricked out into 9cm pots and grown through the winter in a cold frame before planting up in early March. They should only be covered in severe weather.

If you should wish to grow them for summer flowering, sow the seed in March and raise them like summer bedding.

Pansies suffer from few problems. Aphids are the most common and a regular spray with a suitable insecticide will see them off. Slugs can cause problems in wet seasons but perhaps the thing that causes the most disquiet is leaf spot. 

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Fast Facts

Botanical Name:
Viola wittrockiana
Common Name:
Horned violet or tufted violet, pansy, pansies
Days to germinate:
7-14 days
Days to maturity:
80-90 days
Flowering time:
July - October
Hardiness and Longevity:
Approx 22cm
Ideal For:
Viola look great in containers or window boxes, but it takes on a wonderful appearance in mass plantings
Up to 10cm
Full sun

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