Ranunculus Bloomingdale II Mixed Colors

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Ranunculus Bloomingdale Mixed Seeds
Ranunculus Seeds Mixed Colors
  • Multiple brightly coloured flowers per plant
  • Large, ruffled upright flower heads make great cut flowers
  • 20 seeds per pack
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Ranunculus Bloomingdale II Mixed Colors
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Vibrant mixed colored ranunculus flowers give a splash of cheerfulness to borders and planters. With this new generation of seed lines, Bloomindale ranunculus II boasts large, especially uniform flowers that last even longer on the plant or in water as cut flowers. Blooms are romantic and delicate looking with their ruffled petals but are unexpectedly robust. Plant habit is compact with a maximum height of 35cm.

Sowing advice

How to grow Ranunculus from seeds?
While ranunculus plants are easy to grow when established, germination can be tricky. Cool temperatures after sowing are especially important. Begin with a soil media with plenty of organic matter such as a mix of 70% peat and 30% fine perlite. Cover the seed with a very thin layer and water thoroughly. Select a well-ventilated place, ideally between 55-57°F and avoid strong sunlight. It's important to not allow the soil to dry out until the seed germinates. A humidity dome can help here. Seeds should germinate in 10 to 14 days, but occasionally may be slow and sporadic.

After seedlings begin to emerge, reduce watering. At this stage, ranunculus can benefit from slightly higher temperatures (60-64°F during the day) and love plenty of ventilation.

As soon as the seedlings are large enough to handle, with around 4-5 true leaves, transplant them into 12cm pots. Do not delay transplanting as late transplanting creates smaller plants with sparser leaves. Ranunculus roots are very sensitive so handle carefully when transplanting!

Initial growth after transplanting will be slow and it is important to maintain temperatures as low as possible, 45-55°F during the night and never allow daytime temperatures to exceed 77°F/25°C. Also seedlings require 13 hours of darkness in order to have active growth.

About 4-6 weeks after transplanting, the plants should have grown to a reasonable size. Plant out after all danger of frost has passed. Flowering occurs approx 12-14 weeks after transplanting (19-21 weeks after sowing). 

Read more frequently asked questions about growing Ranunculus from seed.

Fast Facts

Article number:
Common Name:
Ranunculus Asiaticus
Days to germinate:
7-21 days
Days to maturity:
19-21 weeks from seed to flower
Flowering time:
April, May, June
Hardiness and Longevity:
Up To 35cm
Ideal For:
Containers, borders or garden beds
Up To 30cm
Full sun, partial shade

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