Orlaya Grandiflora White Lace Flower

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Orlaya Grandiflora White Lace Flower
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White Lace seeds produce pure-white flowers which bloom into stunning, 7-12cm circular groups with strong stems. The Orlaya Grandiflora has a compact bushy habit, and long bloom period, making 'White Lace' a great choice for gardens, large and small. Simply striking grown in a mass or intermingled with colorful flowers and is a long-lasting cut flower. The abundant white flowers are followed by equally showy, green fruit. 

White lace flower (orlaya grandiflora) is an elegant and delicate flower that blooms atop an attractive plant that’s native to the Mediterranean. It is commonly confused with Queen Anne’s lace, but it’s a distinctly different plant. White Lace is also known as Minoan Lace.

How to grow Orlaya Grandiflora White Lace Flower from Seeds

White lace flower enjoys full sun exposure (preferably south-facing) or lightly shaded areas. Though this plant is not too particular when it comes to soil type or pH levels, it does need a nutrient-rich soil for feeding, and it will not tolerate standing water, so a well-drained base and regular watering is a must. Sandy, chalky, or loamy soil are all fine for the hardy annual, as well as a pH ranging from slightly acidic to slightly alkaline and everywhere in between. The white lace flower is not too picky about its growing conditions, and once you get the plants acclimated to their preferred conditions and growing strong, they do not require too much additional care. 

Because of the hardiness of this annual, growers have two possible sowing options. You can sow in autumn for stronger plants and earlier blooms in the following year, or you can sow in spring and enjoy blooms until first frost. You can also just do both!

Sow the seeds into pots that are at least six inches deep, and bring the containers indoors (or into a greenhouse, if possible) during the winter months in colder areas to avoid killing the plants with frost. However, in warmer climate areas, white lace flower will survive the winter without protection.

When spring rolls around, harden the white lace flower plants off and plant seedlings outside. Place only about 1cm deep into the soil, allowing 30cm of space between each plant. Allow plants to self-seed, or collect seeds after flowering in order to sow them freshly the following year.

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Fast Facts

Article number:
Botanical Name:
Orlaya grandiflora
Common Name:
White Lace Flower, White Laceflower, Minoan Lace, French Meadow Parsley
Days to germinate:
14-21 days
Flowering time:
June - September, 12 weeks from spring sowing.
Hardiness and Longevity:
Hardy Annual
Up To 75cm
Ideal For:
Beds and borders, city gardens, cottage gardens and cutting gardens
Up To 30cm
Full sun to partial shade

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