What are the easiest flowers to grow from Seed?

What are the easiest flowers to grow from Seed?

Some of the easiest seeds to grow throughout the year are annuals (you sow them and they grow for one year). Growing annuals from seed in an open border is your gateway into easy growing. Your garden will become a riot of colour. Your neighbours won’t believe you when you tell them how easy it was to grow flowers from seed.

Seeds to grow

When I first came to growing flowers from seed, I was nervous, just like you, but follow this guide to how to grow flower seeds will help you achieve one of the easiest floral displays you will ever have. Once you start to sow seeds direct you will never stop and with each successive year you will grow something new.

Sunflowers from Seeds

Direct sow seed into open ground in spring when the soil is warm. For easy results it is best to weed the bed you plan to sow your seeds in. I recommend a number of annuals that I love in my garden: nasturtiums, nigella, cornflowers and poppies. They are easy to sow, tough as old boots and will outcompete weeds. First, clear the bed back to the soil, rake over to break any large clumps of earth down. Then make circles and crosses in the border but any shape
will do.

Growing flowers from seeds

I sow into these marks in the soil, creating flowers that will grow up in circles and crosses. The reason I sow this way is to stop me from mistaking the flower seedlings for weeds. It happens and is easy to do! My crosses and circles are an easy way to become a confident gardener and stops you from making simple mistakes when growing, like pulling up your flower seedlings when weeding!

Easiest Flowers to grow from Seeds

This is one of the easiest tips in creating a flower garden; sow in shapes, it’s naturalistic and is easy on the eye. Your seeds will start to grow after a month and by summer you will have flowers. Something I like to do is mix annual seed packets into one seed mix, this will provides me with wave after wave of colour
throughout the growing year and means I don’t have the arduous task of clearing away bedding plants as so many of us have to after a few weeks of colour. Mixes will give you several months of colour in easy to maintain beds!

Grow flowers from seeds

My second choice for growing seeds is undercover, in a greenhouse or on a windowsill. Fill a pot or seed tray with seed compost, sow such annual flowers as cosmos or take the next step into growing flowers, perennials (you sow them and they grow for many years). The first time I sowed the perennial flower, lupin, from seed, I was amazed that all of them grew and gave me a floral display in the same year. Lupins are easy to grow and a drab corner of any garden is transformed by them. Sowing other perennial flowers, like leucanthemum (daisy) or heliopsis helianthoides (perennial sunflower), undercover is easy to do. In all cases, sow seed thinly in a seed trays or in pots, cover with a thin sprinkling of compost and water. The seeds grow quicker than your border sowed seeds due to the extra warmth of being inside but once grown these small plants can be planted out after all frost has gone giving you major impact in your garden.

Easiest flowers to grow from seeds

Lupins, leucanthemum, heliopsis, dahlias, sweet peas, nigella, aquilegia, nasturtiums, cosmos, cornflowers, poppies and marigolds are among the easiest flowers to grow from seed and should be on your to grow list this year.

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