What vegetable seeds to sow in February in Europe?

What vegetable seeds to sow in February in Europe?

February can feel like a no-man's land limbo time for gardeners. Winter isn't quite over and even though the coldest temperatures may have passed, there's still a while until Spring sowing can begin. However, for those with hands itching to get some veggies started this year, there are some options available!

1. Herbs:

Sow Herb Seeds in February

Sort of a no-brainer because we all know how great Indoor herb pots look on a kitchen. But as not to forget, all types of culinary herbs can be grown indoors near a sunny window year-round. This year we have a great selection of organic herb seeds: German Thyme, Sage, Corriander, Italian Giant parsley, Dark Opal Basil, and Lemon Balm so check out your Organic Herb seeds favorites and get them started as soon as you want!

2. Tomatoes:

Sow Tomato Seeds in February

Tomatoes benefit from a long growing season, so its advantageous to get them started as soon as possible (so we can also benefit from harvesting delicious tomatoes all summer long). For this year's organic tomato seed selection, we have 2 delicious cherry tomatoes (yellow and red) and our favorite salad tomato, Tomato Matina. 

3. Aubergines:

Sow Aubergine Seeds in February

Like tomatoes, Aubergines are also a good crop to start indoors so that they can have a longer growing season. This gives them the best chance of reaching harvest before autumn arrives. Aubergines love heat, so you might have to coddle your seedlings for a while but the result will be worth it. 

4. Kale:

Sow Kale Seeds in February

In Southern Europe especially, Kale seeds (both lacinato kale and curly kale) can be sown outdoors in the colder months as excessive heat can produce bitter tasting leaves. 

5. Spinach:

Sow Spinach Seeds in February

Same story with spinach. In Mediterranean climates, get started early and sow spinach seeds outdoors in February so the plants can grow before the heat sets in. Both spinach and kale can tolerate cold weather and even a light frost.

Happy February Gardening to all!


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